20 Signs Your Soulmate Is Thinking of You : Love Signs

If you have been feeling unloved or lonely, there is a solution! We are all searching for love in our lives, and sometimes that means we need to understand the signs that our soulmate is thinking of us. It’s not always easy to decipher what your partner is trying to say without clear communication. This article provides some tips on how to know when they’re thinking of you so you can figure out their true feelings.

They post a picture of the two of you on Social Media
If your partner posts pictures to their social media where they are with you, this is often an indication that they’re thinking about you and miss being around you. This could be a selfie from when the two of you went out and had fun or just one taken while hanging out. They may have even posted it as soon as they saw it, which hints at how much caring there really is between the two of them. It’s important to note though if other people seem to get more attention in these pics than yourself; although it does make sense that friends would also play a role in their life, he or she should still be posting some pictures focused solely on yourselves!


Smiling is one of the most basic and simple ways to let someone know that they are on your mind. If you can’t seem to find a reason for why he or she should be smiling, just think about how much fun you’ve had together in the past! Remember when we…? It may not make sense unless there’s something specific prompting it but still; even if it was just once, I’m sure both of us will remember and so all their friends would as well.

They listen to your favorite song

The best way for someone to know that you’re thinking of them is by doing something they like. If he or she happens to be listening to their favorite song and it’s a tune you both love, this could mean that the one who posted it wants a little piece of you all day long. It doesn’t matter if it’s an old hit from back in the day or even just something new; what matters most is how much meaning there was behind every word as they listened closely with nothing else on their mind but memories shared between the two of you!

You dreamed about him/her

There’s nothing wrong with feeling a little nervous when your loved one has been thinking of you in their dreams. It can be tough to know what this means, but it could mean that they want more out of the relationship while also being afraid about how that will change things. This is something worth discussing and figuring out together!

20 Signs Your Soulmate Is Thinking of You

Goosebumps on your skin

No one likes to get the shivers, right? We don’t have a choice whether or not we do. They can happen for any number of reasons from being cold and frightened all the way up to feeling intense emotions like joy and love! But there are ways that you know if they’re coming from your significant other (I’m talking about romantic partners). Usually when goosebumps come as an emotional reaction instead of a response due to something uncomfortable it will be accompanied with feelings such as security, reassurance…

There’s nothing better than knowing someone is thinking about us–especially in this day where social media seems so front-and-center on everyone’s minds these days!

Mention you on conversation

When your partner mentions you in a conversation with their friend, it’s often an indication that they’re feeling really close to you and don’t mind talking about the two of you together. They may also mention how much fun they had at one point or another during that time because this is usually what we do when we like someone!

They make plans with friends around your schedule

It doesn’t matter if it seems like overkill; sometimes people do things because they want to show others how much they care. For example, if your significant other always tries making plans with his/her friends around when you’re free then this might be something worth discussing (after all, who wants so many dates?). This could mean plenty of different things but one thing it may indicate.

Her texts are more frequent and she/him more likely to text first

It doesn’t matter if she/him not as good at texting or it takes her a little longer to respond, the fact is that when you’re on her mind, texts flow more easily. Texting first also means that she wants contact with the person in question!

The way she looks at you, it’s like nothing else matters right now
There are those who think that if they’re not looking at you, it means they don’t care about you. That’s the furthest thing from the truth! All of us have moments when we can’t seem to take our eyes off someone and there is nothing wrong with this as long as she does make eye contact every now and then. But what really matters most is how a person looks back at you; sometimes all her attention will be focused on yours while other times she’ll only glance in your direction for an instant before going back to what she was doing previously-but even that proves just how much meaning there is behind each look shared between two people.

When she greets you in person, her hug is tighter than usual

There is no one size fits all way to know if someone is thinking about you. But when she/him greets you in person, her hug will be tighter and more affectionate than usual due to the emotions behind it!

The texts she sends are longer than usual

It doesn’t matter if the texts are filled with smiley faces or not; if she takes a little longer to respond than usual, there’s a good chance that your presence is on her mind. If this is the case, it will usually be reflected in how long and detailed the text itself becomes!

You start seeing posts on her social media accounts that relate to your interests or hobbies

She’ll post a song you like on Facebook or share something about her job that she knows is important to you. This type of interaction with someone means they’re really interested in getting to know the person better and want them to feel more comfortable around them!

It’s amazing when someone loves you enough to know what to post on social media for your benefit! If she starts posting more often and it seems like her posts are tailored towards things that interest or intrigue you, this is a very good sign.

Too many coincidences aren’t just coincidence

There are too many times where people think they’re in the right place at the right time–and while there may be an element of truth behind that idea, don’t get wrapped up in it so much as to believe these events happen by chance. For example, if he happens to show up wherever you go without any prior information about where that might be…then maybe he can read minds? Doubtful. More likely than not, his.

When you’re talking to her on the phone, she says your name often

It’s not uncommon for people to say your name when they’re excited or happy about something. However, if she says it more often than usual in conversation and with the tone of her voice being especially enthusiastic, then it may be a sign that you have a special place on her mind!

When they’re talking to you and their voice has a certain quality about it–it’s almost as if she can’t stop saying your name. It could be because this person is really attached to you or maybe even in love with you!

Actions speak louder than words

In other words, don’t get too wrapped up in what someone is telling you; watch their actions instead. It’s possible that one person might tell another person nice things all day long but their body language tells an entirely different story–perhaps by how stiff they are around this particular individual as opposed to someone else? A better way to see where true feelings lie would be to look at the overall mood while also paying.

When she’s mad at someone else, she blames it on them and not you

It’s a really good sign when someone feels so strongly about you that they’re mad at another person who has nothing to do with the situation. It could be because she was in a hurry and ran into them on her way out, or maybe.

If it sounds like your partner is more upset by some other guy than what she would be if he were just an acquaintance; this often means there are feelings involved! She may not want to admit it but her actions surely tell us otherwise–though sometimes people can’t see these signs unless they actually look closely enough.

You often find yourself feeling happy for no reason

Sometimes, when you’re feeling overwhelmingly happy for seemingly no reason at all, it’s because your soulmate is thinking of you.

The fact that you are feeling happy when there is no apparent reason to makes a pretty good sign that you’re with the right person. It’s not something like being in love, as that can be much more complicated and nuanced than just simply experiencing joy; it could also mean things are going well for this individual!

They check up on you occasionally, just to make sure you’re ok

This sign usually shows up when people are in a relationship. It can be tough to admit how you’re feeling and for some, it’s easier just to say nothing at all! That being said, if someone does reach out periodically–just checking in on your well-being or making sure that everything is okay–then they really care about you (or maybe even love).

If he talks about what his life would be like with you; this could mean many things but the most likely scenario is that he wants something serious and long-term from the relationship. He also may have wanted these feelings before getting into a romantic partnership with an individual.

You get the feeling that someone is thinking of you

Just like the sign above, this sign can happen when you’re in a relationship or not. It’s really hard to figure out what someone is thinking on their own so if it feels as though they’re trying to make contact with your thoughts–maybe he knocks before knocking? Or she taps your arm a few times while waiting at the stoplight? There are many ways for people to reach out and send these signals without even realizing that they’re doing it.

You feel a burst of energy and motivation.

When someone is thinking of you, it’s not uncommon to start feeling motivated and inspired. This sign may be because your soulmate wants the best for you or just simply misses being near.

One sign that someone is thinking of you could be if you feel inspiration to do something–get out and have fun or start a new project. This sign usually appears when the other person has been stressing themselves out from work, school, family life etc.; it’s as though they’re trying to lighten their own mood by inspiring others!

You feel more energized than usual

It can take a lot out of us when we’re around certain people–there are so many different factors that affect how we feel! In this sign, all those negative feelings will disappear and in its place there’ll be only positive vibes. When our heart begins to beat faster with excitement at the prospect of seeing someone again (or even knowing they’re still on their way), then it could be an indication that we have found our true love.

Feeling your soulmate thinking about you

You get a feeling that they’re thinking of you. A warm, tingly sensation in your stomach and arms that makes you smile. You can’t wait to see them again or talk to them on the phone. They are always on your mind and when you spend time with them, it feels like nothing else matters. That’s love! It’s what we all want and need in life: someone who cares for us unconditionally, someone to make us laugh when we don’t feel good about ourselves, someone who is willing to do anything for us…someone just like our significant other! Whether it’s been two months or ten years together, love still has its magic even if the relationship changes over time. The feeling never fades away-it stays.

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