16 Signs Your Male Friend is in Love with You

It’s not uncommon for friends to develop feelings for one another. It can be hard to tell if a male friend is in love with you, but there are indicators that may help you determine his true feelings. Read on to learn more about the signs your male friend might be in love with you and how you can handle this situation should it arise. In this article blog, i will show you 16 Signs Your Male Friend is in Love with You.

You always get text messages from him

To keep things simple, the average guy will not text a girl he is not interested in unless she texts him first or they are really good friends.

A study found that men spend less time texting girls who don’t like them, but women still talk to these guys. They do this because they are afraid of getting rejected.

He listens to you

When you want to tell someone something, he will listen to you. This is important when you want to know how someone feels about you.

He trusts you and tells you things he doesn’t tell other people

It could be one of the signs that your guy friend sees you as more than just a friend if he opens up emotionally with you. It means that he cares about your opinion and treats you like a special person in his life.

He wants to protect you

Men get mad when someone hurts their family. They also get angry if they love you and a person is hurting them. If your friend tells the other to stop, this means he cares about you.

You did not hear him talk about his love life.

If he doesn’t speak about his dating life and does not say who he is interested in, it means that the person has a crush on you; one they are afraid of ruining their chances with. He does not want to ruin his chances with you.

He’s always there when you need him

It’s not what you do for someone that shows them how much you care about them. It’s the little things like bringing soup when they’re sick, or picking up their favorite foods from the store just because it’ll make their day better- even if your own isn’t going so great at all!

You can tell a lot about how this boy feels about you by watching him take care of those small details and giving attention to everything he knows will cheer you up.

You faced some intense moments.

of time with someone? Sometimes, during moments like these, both people feel really close to each other. One person will start feeling nervous and this could be an indication that the two are getting closer. You may also notice feelings of wanting to get even closer or have some physical contact- but why not just take your chance now- if they do love you back then trust in those feelings!

Your friends think that you two should be dating.

Women can tell when there is something between you and your friend. You might not notice, but people around you will notice if he tries to get close or the way he looks at you.

He remembers a lot of things of you

Being in love with someone can be hard to tell because sometimes people act differently around their lover, and they may pay more attention than usual. If your partner does these things then you should consider that person loves you!

This person is different than other friends

If you pay attention to how he looks at you, you’ll see that things have changed. He will look directly into your eyes, like to be close to you, and will give his full attention when he is with you.

You can tell how much he admires you by the way that his eyes burn into your soul when they meet yours. He spends time with you, and gives his undivided attention to what it is that makes YOU happy.

He treats you differently from his other female friends

You’ve seen him with his other friends, and he is different. They don’t touch like you do; they never flirt or spend time together the way that he does for just a little while in your company. You’re more than an acquaintance to them – but why?

The first thing people notice about me at work are my earrings. I have always loved jewelry of any kind, so it’s not unusual for one to find themselves staring into my face as if inspecting every detail from afar when we meet up around the office water cooler talking about what happened on our days off last week (or trying really hard not to talk business). It wasn’t until someone asked “Oh! Are those real?” did I realize how much attention

He is unhappy when he sees other people with you

Whenever I am on a date, he gets an angry look in his eyes. He is not jealous but angry and annoyed. This is combined with a desperate need to keep me all for himself. Sometimes I know what he wants before he even asks about it because sometimes my intuition is too strong. When I tell him how uncomfortable these interactions make me feel or if they happen again during another date, then there will be silence followed by comments about them being uninteresting which only makes things worse.

The man starts to be polite.

Every girl wants a guy to act nice and gentleman-like around her. But, when he does this for you it might mean that there is something more going on than just politeness or kindness. He could be interested in you!

He starts trying to make you like him.

He’s always trying to impress you, and he’ll try extra hard if that means getting your attention. Do you find yourself laughing more than usual? He may be a little clumsy at making jokes because of his nerves but is probably really handsome when doing so!

He looks at you with a lot of love in his eyes

The way he looks at you tells how he feels about you. For example, if his eyes show love or passion, then it is probably true that he’s in love with you. You often catch him looking at me when I am not looking but no matter what the outcome of my stare-off contests are and whether we make eye contact or not; the knowledge persists: He loves me!

It appears you are the only person interacting with him on his social media

If you’re looking for a quick way to know if he’s into you, scroll through his social media. If there are tons of other girls in the pictures and videos that pop up on your feed then it may not be too promising. But if all the posts about him show just one woman – YOU! Then go ahead and start planning to date.

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