How to Tell Someone They’re Texting You Too Much

How do you stop someone from texting you too much? This is a question that many people are asking themselves. Whether it’s your long-distance boyfriend or girlfriend, your close friend, or even someone who just won’t take the hint and leave you alone for good, there are plenty of reasons why some people might want to cut off communication with another person via text messaging. There are also lots of methods for doing so – here are some different ways to tell someone they’re texting you too much:

Don’t answer the texts.

If you start receiving texts from someone and they’re starting to bug the heck out of you with their excessive messages, just don’t answer. This will let them know that you’ve received each text but were unwilling or unavailable to respond, which should hopefully stop them in their tracks.

Ignore them.

Sometimes, just being a little cold and distant is all you need to do in order to get someone off your back. If you’re getting texts at work or around people that might make things awkward for you, give them the silent treatment by not responding with anything other than an occasional “lol” until they finally get fed up enough and leave you alone.

This is a very simple way to tell someone they’re texting you too much. All you have to do is not acknowledge the text and hope it stops them from sending more messages for a while!

Block their number on your phone.

If you really want to make sure that the person who’s texting you too much can’t contact you, block their number from your phone. This will ensure that they won’t be able to text or call you again and it should hopefully stop them in their tracks right away.

If you have a shared plan, get a new number and tell them to text that one instead.

This is a great way to keep the person who’s texting you too much from contacting you. All you have to do is either switch your number with another family member or friend and tell them that they should text this new phone instead of yours, or just get a completely different plan on an entirely new provider – then give them both numbers!

Pretend your phone was lost or stolen.

This is a great way to get the person who’s texting you too much off your back. You can even take this one step further and let them know that they need to contact other people in order for you to receive their texts again, which should hopefully stop them from contacting you any more. This might be considered rude but if it works then why not try it?

Turning off Wi-Fi or data usage on your phone.

If all of these methods haven’t worked and the person who’s texting you too much won’t seem to stop, there are also some ways that may help keep them from communicating with you via text message – turn off your wi-fi or data plan so they won’t be able to reach you. This may be a little extreme but if it’s the only way to get them off your back then go for it!

Call Police

Some people can’t seem to tell when it’s time to quit. Others are so self-centered that they don’t even care about invading your privacy, and you’ve tried every desperate method out there just for them not to keep texting you. But nothing seems good enough because the texts never stop coming!

If this person is making your life a misery – or if their behavior has become threatening towards themselves or others around him/her, then take action against his/her abuse by reporting them in court with a restraining order from an officer of the law: sometimes all we need is one word from somebody who means business into these abusers’ ear hole before they finally get what’s happening here.

If you don’t know how to do something, ask for help.

If you find yourself constantly bombarded by texts and phone calls from a pestering person, the best thing to do would be is not reply. If they continue with any old excuse or ploy to get your attention, it’s time for some justice! Tell all of their friends what he/she did so that everyone knows how bad this behavior can truly be. You could also tell them off in public while at school or work- something like “I have better things to do than text back people who are harassing me on my private cell phone when I should just answer if someone has actually called instead.”

If you want to stop getting texts from someone, confront them.

This person’s life is in danger! They must take action now or they will drown. The only way to get someone off your back who won’t stop texting you after many requests for them not too, is confrontation. This may seem counter-intuitive but it can be effective with the right timing and approach; as mentioned before a strategy like this should only be used when all other options have been exhausted because there are likely more favorable ways of managing these types of people that don’t involve throwing insults their way aggressively which perpetuates the problem and makes things worse than what they were originally.

This is the best way to get them off your back. All you have to do is confront them and tell them that they are texting too much, or even ask if there’s a personal reason for why they’re contacting you so often- most of the time this will be enough to stop their behavior from escalating any further.

Use an app to block text messages.

If you’re tired of receiving texts from a certain person, there are apps that can help block them so they won’t be able to contact you any more! This is a great option for people who don’t want this type of harassment if it’s coming from someone they know and trust or even someone unknown- the possibilities with these types of programs for Android phones include Block SMS Free (which allows users to create “blacklist” which blocks messages) or Black Sheets Pro Plus (which has a blacklist feature).

Contact your carrier.

This may seem like an unwise move but often times contacting your cellular provider about unwanted text message invasions can have success in stopping those who will not stop texting you no matter what happens. They may be able to help you set up a block on your phone or even just change the number.

Texts are very important in today’s world- they provide us with instant information and keep our lives moving forward, but there is such thing as texting too much! If someone has been sending text messages that are taking up all of your time or invading your privacy without asking for permission, it’s best not to reply if at all possible because this will often only perpetuate their behavior.

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