How to Make Him Miss You After a Fight: A 14-Step Guide

Have you ever had a fight with your significant other and then things went downhill from there? It’s tough to get him back after that. You’re not alone–most couples have arguments, but it can be hard to recover when those are the last words spoken. The good news is that there are ways How to make him miss you after a fight! These 10 steps will help you get on track again and put the spark back in your relationship.


This is really important. You need to apologize for the way you behaved but don’t grovel and admit that you’re wrong, because that’s not going to work in your favor. Instead of saying “I’m sorry I went all crazy on you” say something like “I’m sorry we had such a heated argument.” This will show them that you care more about them than your pride.

If he’s the one who was wrong, say “I’m sorry I got so angry and said such hurtful things” or “I can understand why we had a fight.” This makes it seem like they’re in control of their emotions as opposed to being out of control. It also lets them know that you’re on their side.

This will be a good time to tell them how much they mean to you and why your relationship is so important for both of you emotionally. This also builds up trust in the relationship, which can help with later arguments!

Communication is important

Many people believe that the key to fighting is never talking about what happened and ignoring it. This will only cause more problems in your relationship, making him miss you less! Talk through what was wrong with the argument so that there isn’t a constant backlog of unresolved issues between you two.

Seize the day, have fun together

It’s easy to let the fight take over your life and forget that there are still good things about it. Take some time for yourself, but then also do something together like going out or cooking a meal. Sharing these moments with each other will make you remember why you love them!

Tell him how important he is to you

This will make him miss you. Be honest and tell them how much they mean to you, but don’t be fake or say things that aren’t true about your feelings for them. Make sure not to do this too often – once every few months should suffice!

Let go of past issues and just move forward with forgiveness

It’s important to forgive each other for past issues. You can’t change what happened, so it’s not worth being angry about or fighting over. There are always going to be disagreements between you two but they don’t have to turn into a fight every time!

Do something nice that your partner would like

This will make him miss you. You should have a good idea of what your partner likes and dislikes, but if you want to be creative then send them an email saying “I miss you.” This will show him that he’s important in your life!

Say something nice to them

This will make him miss you. If they love to be praised, then tell them how wonderful the things that they do for you are! It’s a nice way of letting them know that it matters and makes a big difference in your life. This also lets them know what is appreciated so that next time around there won’t be anything that they are stressed about.

Be their cheerleader and help them change for the better

This will make him miss you. Let them know that they can change and improve, which is why you’re there for them! You might not like their bad habits but if you care about them then it’s important to help support the good ones too.

Long distance relationship

This will make him miss you. This is a really difficult one, but if it’s what both of your want then do everything that you can to stay close and have fun together! You might not be able to see each other as much, so send cute texts or emails letting them know what they’re doing in your life. Don’t forget to Skype or FaceTime too!

Give him a clue

This will make him miss you. You should have a good idea of what your partner likes and dislikes, but if you want to be creative then send them an email saying “I miss you.” This will show him that he’s important in your life!

Make him remember things

Remember that you’re fighting to get him back. You’ll be trying to make your ex miss all of the things he loves about you and what a life together with you feels like.

You’ve already been through this before, so use those memories as fuel for what’s going on in the fight right now. For example: if there’s a smell he loved, take something that smells similar and use it to bathe yourself in the scent.

In order for him to miss you after a fight, you need to give him memories of what’s missing from his life when he doesn’t have them with you. He needs little reminders or tastes of things like how amazing dinner always

Stop talking to him

The only communication should be through occasional messages that are short and sweet, but don’t lead into a real conversation. You’re also allowed to reply with an emoji if he sends one over first (just make sure it doesn’t turn in a full-blown exchange). And lastly? Don’t initiate contact.

He’ll be the one who’s going to come looking for you when he realizes that this fight isn’t really about anything and how much he misses his life with you in it.

The only way to make him miss you after a fight is by giving him something else, or someone else, to focus on.”

Make him laugh

It may seem like a strange move, but laughter is one of the most powerful weapons to use against someone you want to miss. It doesn’t matter how angry he is with you or what he said in that fight; if you can get him laughing again, he’ll be happy and grateful for it.

Give him space and time to think

It’s easy for men (or people) in general, to put a lot of pressure on themselves when they are hurt or mad at someone else. Let your guy know that you want them to do what’s best for them, even if it means being apart from each other temporarily while he figures out his feelings. This is going to be hard because the impulse will probably be telling you not to leave him alone with himself like this, but try as much as possible not to interfere or push too far ahead of where he might be ready yet.

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