Good Night Prayers And Messages

As the day comes to a close, many people take the time to say a prayer before bed. Here are 50 good night prayers for you to choose from. Whether you are looking for a prayer for yourself or someone else, these prayers will provide peace and comfort as you drift off to sleep.

Good Night Prayer Message

1. A stressful day, A tiring week; But you never gave up. We all are proud of you and we pray that God showers his choicest blessings on you and your family. Good night!

2. You may not always be there for me, but i know that deep inside of you is a place where only love resides – it’s just covered by a lot of weight and pressure from the world around us – so tonight as I go to bed I am sending this special prayer out to you hoping it finds its way to your heart. Good Night!

3. One more hug, one more smile, one more laugh, one more tear drop fall & tomorrow once again we will see each other … May God bless you with a good night!!!!

good night God bless you

4. Every night I will always remember the day we kissed. It’s engraved in my mind like it happened yesterday. Good night & sleep tight!

5. In this lovely Night, I pray to the blue moon to protect you through the night, the wind to blow away your stress and the twinkle stars to guide you the way, sweet dreams Goodnight!

6. May God give you enough strength to face everything that comes your way tomorrow and enough wisdom to know what to do with it! Have a peaceful night rest!

peaceful night prayer

7. The Sun is angry at me for going so soon & the Moon too for taking u away from him and the Wind tries to make me feel guilty by blowing onto me all memories of our friendship. But it’s time for me to go now. Good night my good friend!

8. Your dreams will come true someday, not necessarily when you’re sleeping but maybe when you’re awake too! Sweet Dreams & Good Night!!

9. Every night I look at the moon and stars that shine so brightly in the sky and every single time I pray that they will shine down on you as well and bring you everything your heart desires…goodnight sweetheart!

10. Seeing your name on my cell phone makes my day brighter than sunlight and thinking about being with you gives me a reason why we shouldn’t sleep tonight. Good Night!

11. May I hope today to be better than yesterday, may I dream of you tonight and look forward to making sweet memories with you tomorrow. Good night my sweetheart!

12. As the day turns into night, keep your worries out of sight. Close your eyes and go to sleep, for all the good times are yours to keep. Sweet dreams!

13. The rush of wind against my face makes me think about how it would feel if I were there with you right now…I can’t wait til that day comes for us; until then let’s just wish upon a shooting star that all our wishes come true someday soon..goodnight beautiful!

14. Not only do you bring light into my day, but you bring a smile to my face. Every time I think about you, I wonder if people ever really appreciate how amazing it is that someone can make another person feel the way you make me feel. You are one of a kind & every day with you is an adventure! Good night sweetheart…I love you

15. The last thing i think about before i go to sleep each night is ‘The Moment’ when our lips met for the very first time – You are all I’ve wanted & dreamed of..Goodnight

16. Once again its tine to say goodnight and once again i ask myself why? Why dont we get enough of each other during the day so we don’t have to miss each other at night? I guess it’s just another one of those mysteries in life that only God understands.. good night my love!

17. In my dreams, you always play the lead role and I’m always your leading lady. May we never be apart in our dreams because together is where we both belong! Goodnight.

18. Fairy tales can come true, they can happen to you if you believe in them… Once upon a time…there was a very special boy who cared for a very special girl and her wish came true thanks to him…Good Night & Sweet Dreams My Love

Good Night Prayer for My Love

1. You are the angel of my dream and as such I will pray every day that you give me the chance to see your face in my dreams.

2. I bless this day that we have spent together, thank God for everything he has made possible. Good night and may tomorrow be another great day.

good night wish tomorrow great day

3. At this point if it was not for you and your love I would not know what it is like to sleep at night without worries because I know you always wake up before me so no bad thing can touch me before I wake up too.

4. My dear do not think of tomorrow because all our problems will be gone by then but live right now with all joy because no one knows how long they can keep that joy thanks to the challenges that life brings.

5. I thank you for sticking with me in times where my friends and people that care about me left because all I saw was darkness, but you were there to tell me we will make it through so here I am giving all thanks to God and thanking you. Good night and sweet dreams, sleep tight my dear love!

6. As long as we are in this world together means there is hope in our future and I will always be positive no matter how many challenges life put us through because only death can separate us but until then I want us to enjoy one another’s company.

7. This day has been full of joys because of your presence beside me step of the way but do not worry about tomorrow because it will be another day full of joy thanks to you. Have a good night my love!

8. As long as the sun rises every morning I know there is a hope in our future and that is all thanks to your presence in my life, for this reason do not let darkness come into your heart because it has no power over us anymore, we have overcome all of that together, so look forward to what God has stored for each moment today and tomorrow. Good Night my beloved!

9. My dear love looking at the sky means looking at something very big with many stars on there so keep on believing in yourself otherwise you will always be hiding from the world around you which is good but if you want more than that then believe in yourself and anything is possible.

10. I just want you to promise me that when the day comes for us to grow old together we will always stick with each other because no one knows what tomorrow may bring but it will always be better if we are by each other’s side. Good night my love!

11. Even when I cannot see you, I know you are there with me step of the way thanks to our vows before God, but do not worry about tomorrow because everything will work out sooner or later because God is working on our behalfs!

12. As for your love towards my heart nothing can stop its beat because my heart belongs to you, hopefully feeling never changes until death takes us because I want you to be happy always and forever.

13. As long as we are alive there is nothing that can take us apart because life will always put an obstacle in front of us but we should work together so we can do away with all those things and live happily ever after. Good night my love!

14. My dear there is no such thing as impossible, what God has called us to be possible then it must happen because he knows the future and he has written our story just for each other’s sake.

15. If I would have known how lucky I am to meet a man like you I would not complain anymore about the bad things happening to me, but now I first hand that happiness awaits me in the future because I have you there with me step of the way.

Good Night Prayer Message for Friend

1. I wish you a peaceful night and a restful sleep.

2. God bless you with the serenity to accept the things you cannot change, courage to change the things that should be changed, and wisdom to know the difference as you dream tonight.

3. Prayer has always been for me like breathing – just something I do without thinking or talking about it. May you draw from its strength and beauty as well tonight!

4. May the sweetest Lord bless you as you sleep!

5. It’s been a long day for me, and I pray that it has been a good day for you too. May those good things keep on coming your way throughout the night and bring us both joy and peace in our days ahead. Good night and God bless!

6. May this be a peaceful night – free from any bad dreams – with all goodness filling your heart and flooding your mind as we go to bed tonight.

7. Our lives may be different in many ways, but we share some of life’s greatest blessings: faith, friendship, family, health – all of which give meaning to our existence. Keep these thoughts close to your heart as you drift off tonight.

8. Good night, pal! Sleep well knowing that you are blessed and that I am grateful to have you in my life. May God’s love shine down upon you tonight and beyond.

9. No matter how tough life gets, may your heart always be filled with good cheer, joy, blessings of satisfaction and hope! Good night dear friend, I’ll see you in the morning.

10. Here’s to hoping that the bedtime hours are filled with sweet dreams, joy, peace and love. Sleep tight!

11. May God give you a refreshing night of beauty sleep. Until tomorrow morning dear friend… farewell for now.

12. The coming day can be full of uncertainty – but tonight I pray your heart is filled with His grace and warmth as you go to sleep. Good night my friend!

13. It has been an honor knowing you, sharing this time together in life, learning all about each other – good times and not so good times too! As our lives change remember that friendship is forever even when we are miles apart because distance can’t touch it at all! Goodnight friend…

14. No matter how far we are from each other, good friends like you and I never really leave one another at all! May you rest well tonight knowing that our friendship is a treasure – no matter what happens to us, we can always depend on it!

15. Let the world stop turning but let your worries stop with the day and may tomorrow bring new hope and brighter moments in your life. Good night friend…

16. A heart filled with faith of a child is very pure and blessed; may you sleep knowing that God’s presence is always near even when we cannot see His face. Good Night Friend!

Good Night Prayer Message for Her

1. I am sending you a box of goodnight hugs and kisses. Sweet dreams!

2. I hope that my morning text brings a little sunshine into your life. Good night beautiful!

3. Now go to bed and dream of me, for i’ll be thinking of you tonight. Good night sweetheart!

4. Your love is the only inspiration that made me a stronger person and for this I’m grateful to God almighty and thank you dearest one for loving me too and making my life worth living…Good night…sleep tight!

5 .If there would have been no first day, there would have not been a second day; If there was no sun rise today, we wouldn’t see the moon light tonight..You have been my inspiration throughout the day and will remain so till forever…Good night!

6. You are one of a kind for believing in me, caring for me and loving me unconditionally..Thanks for being there always beside me….Goodnight baby!

7. Just a gentle reminder to let you know that I’m thinking about you as long as you’re not sleeping yet..Nighty night sweetheart!

8. Tonight is the end of another beautiful day and it’s time to wind up everything and get ready to welcome another day tomorrow…Thank God almighty for making today count…Now off to bed with all those beautiful thoughts i want you to think about tomorrow….sweet dreams honey!

9. Every moment spent with you is like a beautiful dream come true my love…Good night!

10. No matter how painful our goodbye may be, I will not let that pain stop me from wishing you goodnight sweetheart..I know i’m going to miss you dearly but we’ll meet tomorrow and we will make it through the day…Sweet dreams honey!

11. You are one of the very few people in this world who can make me feel like i’m on top of the world and for that i’m grateful and thankful and i cherish these feelings and pray God almighty to bless you always….Good night baby!

Good Night Prayer Message for Him

1. Lord, I give You this day and through it.

2. May You find comfort in the arms of God.

3. Do not be afraid to sleep tonight knowing that God is watching over you while you’re fast asleep under His protection.

4. He will bless, guide, protect and lay your worries to rest this night so that when you wake up tomorrow, you are refreshed and rejuvenated by His love for you! Good Night!

5 . Heavenly Father, thank You for another day filled with Your infinite mercy and grace! I ask that You hold me close throughout the night as I sleep in Your arms. Be ever present in my dreams because only in them am I truly safe from all harm.

6 . We may be apart physically, but spiritually I am always with you as you rest. May God watch over your dreams and fill them with His love which is perfect and everlasting! Good night my munchkin!

7 . The stars may dim as the sun rises, but I have you in my heart to shine bright within me all day long! Rest from your weary trials and let God’s grace hold you close this night.

8 . Sweet dreams of me tonight! Wrap yourself around me and know that no matter where we are, we’ll always be together – for our souls were meant to be one. Have a lovely sleep – wrapped within the warmth of my arms.

9 . When it’s hard to fall asleep at night because of thoughts preoccupying your mind, I pray that you receive the gift of peaceful slumber. My thoughts are with you always, sending you all my love in hopes that it carries you to sleep within this night. Good Night!

10 . God holds your hand throughout the day and guides your decisions when He is near. Let Him hold you close through the night so that His comfort may embrace you as you fall into deep slumber. May He give you restful sleep until morning’s light shines across the sky once more!

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