48 Good Morning Message for Him

It’s always a good idea to start the day off on the right foot. That’s why it’s important to send your loved one a good morning message. It will put a smile on their face and make them feel loved. Here are 48 good morning messages for him that will make his day.

1. Good morning! It’s time to get up and start the day. I hope it is a productive one and that you feel great about everything you do today.

good morning for him romantic way

2. Every day I wake up next to you, I can’t help but smile. You’re such an amazing man, and I’m so grateful to be with you.

wake up good morning messages for him

3. A new day is here! I can’t wait to see what it has in store, and hope you feel the same way too.

good morning, i hope you feel better this morning

4. Good morning, my love – I hope that today is a beautiful one for you. It is going to be an amazing day because we’re together again!

morning my love!

5. As much as I would love for us to be snuggling right now, I know that you have a job that needs your attention before work starts. So while you take care of your responsibilities, think about how much I miss holding you in my arms all night long while we’re sleeping!

6. Have a good day at work today; I’m always thinking about you while you’re out of the house. When you get home, I’ll be waiting here for you with a big smile on my face and dinner waiting!

have a good day my darling

7. You are amazing at what you do – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Just remember that I believe in you 100% of the time, no matter what choices you make or mistakes that happen along the way. Good luck out there!

8. You’re off to work today – wish you were off with me instead? Well, I hope that your day is fantastic at least! I’m sending all of my love your way today, so keep an eye out for it .

9. Have a good day at work, honey! Remember to stay safe while driving over to your work place. I hope you have a productive day and remember to stop every now and then to take a break or eat lunch.

10. You are so amazing at what you do – don’t forget that! Plus, I love you more than anything else in the entire world, so be sure to check your smartphone after work for a sweet message from me .

11. Good morning! It’s time to get up and start another beautiful day together as a couple. How was your sleep? Mine was wonderful because I had my man next to me all night long 🙂

12. We’re getting ready for work today – how excited are you? I know you’ve been looking forward to it since last week, but try not to show too much excitement because you’ll only make the other guys envious.

13. You are so handsome, honey! I can see it in your eyes – you’re ready for any challenge that comes your way today at work. All I want is to have you home safe and sound tonight because I know that will make me happy 🙂

14. Just one more hour until quitting time, love! Then we can go home together and do whatever it is you want to do tonight. Wait no longer, my sweet man – let’s go home right now !

15. Good morning, babe! Thanks for waking up when your alarm went off; know that I am always grateful when you get out of bed when that thing rings its annoying beeping noise. I am ready for a new day together, and can’t wait to see you!

16. I am so excited for this beautiful, sunny day – maybe we can go on a walk together and enjoy the weather? That sounds like something we could both use after keeping our eyes glued to our smartphones all evening yesterday 🙂

17. You are so amazing at what you do – don’t let anyone break your spirit or make you feel that you’re working too hard. You deserve only the best in life because that is all I want as well! Keep up the hard work.

18. Good morning! It’s time to get up now because it’s going to be an exciting day for us my love. We have a lot of things planned out for tonight, so get ready to have a lot of fun!

19. You are my life’s one and only love – I am so grateful that we’re together today and always! Remember that when you start to feel overwhelmed at work today, okay? Just know that I’m here for you no matter what happens .

20. A brand new day is dawning outside our window, with the bright sun shining high in the sky above. Let us enjoy every second of it in each other’s arms by going out on a date tonight, my sweetheart!

21. No matter how long we’ve been together, it never gets old when you tell me “good morning” during your waking hours 🙂 I hope you see this message right before you leave for work because I may not see it until later at night.

22. Has your alarm clock gone off yet? If so, get up and spend some time with me before you have to go out into the big bad world today. You are my sunshine on a cloudy day!

23. It’s finally Friday! Let’s go do something fun tonight – there are lots of different things that we can choose from! Just know that I’m always down for anything as long as I’m spending time with you .

24. Every single moment spent with you feels like a dream come true – just look outside and see the beautiful weather we’ve got going on now 🙂 We should take advantage of this amazing day by going outside and having fun!

25. Good morning, sweetheart! How was your night? Mine was okay because I spent it with you at home. Now that we’re both awake, it’s time to get ready for work – just think about me while you put on your clothes, okay? You are my number one priority for today and always.

26. Today is going to be a good day – why do I know this? Because we’re spending it together like we always do 🙂 Watch out — these feelings of love and affection might overtake you and make you weak in the knees as we spend time together tonight .

27. Wake up, my prettiest flower! Time for us to go dress shopping now so that we can make this evening even more special – I want to make you look your best on our date together.

28. Good morning! How did you sleep? I slept very well, knowing that when I wake up this beautiful day will be spent with the best person in my life 🙂 You are my everything, and don’t you ever forget that!

29. Are you awake yet, love of mine? Please get up soon so we can go buy some groceries together before it gets too late today; then we can come home and relax in each other’s arms all evening long .

30. It is time for us to start making our dreams come true — what dream do you think we should go after first? I really like the sound of traveling abroad (and having you all to myself for two weeks — mwah!) We’ll talk about it later; right now, let’s get up and start preparing for the day!

31. Good morning dear. Today is a new day with plenty of opportunities ahead of us. I’m excited to see what happens today because anything could happen when we’re together! Let’s make this day wonderful 🙂

32. It is time to wake up now – the sun is shining brightly through our window, ready for us to come outside and enjoy its warmth 😀 Say “good morning” to my face before you leave for work… my heart can’t stand being away from you .

33. Hi there! Did you miss me last night? I missed you so much! Let’s spend all day together today, starting with breakfast in bed. Time to get up now, sweetie 🙂

34. Wake up please my love, it is time to go outside and enjoy this beautiful weather that has finally come our way. I know its cold but the sun will do you good for once. And for me? Well if you are there i am fine anywhere.

35. Good morning, sweetheart! Spend some time with me before you have to leave for work — I want to make sure that you start your day off right by being happy 🙂 Allow yourself to feel appreciated every single day by giving yourself a big hug and kiss first thing in the morning, okay?

36. Hey baby, did you sleep well? I hope you did because it’s time to get up now! Today is going to be great, why do I know this? Because we are spending the day together 🙂 Think about me while you dress yourself — I want to make sure that you look your best today.

37. Baby, please wake up soon so that we can spend some quality time together before work. We had a really busy weekend and need to take it easy for once, don’t you think? You mean everything to me – I want you to remember that every second of every day .

38. Is it morning already? Then let’s go downstairs and have breakfast on our lovely balcony where the birds are chirping merrily away — they seem to be in a better mood than we are because they’re not stuck in the house all day!

39. How did you sleep, darling? I hope well, because it’s time for us to get up now. We have lots of errands to run today so let’s get to them! You know how much I appreciate you always being so eager to help me out 😀

40. Wake up my angel , the sun is shining and it’s waiting for us outside. Let’s go somewhere together today where there are no other responsibilities but just spend the day having fun .

41. Good morning handsome! Let’s get ready for work now; then tonight when we come home together, we can snuggle up together in bed. That’s my favorite part of the day — I cannot wait to feel your arms around me again!

42. Good morning love 🙂 It is time to wake up now so that we have some time together before work. Remember what you told me last night? Well, I really mean it when I say that YOU are the one for me .

43. Waking up next to you is always such a pleasure — like today when I get showered with kisses and cuddles! What would make this perfect is waking up beside you every single morning; yet, who am I kidding because even waking up alone is better than not having you here at all .

44. Can’t sleep? No problem… let’s play a game together before we actually have to get up and start the day 🙂 I want to spend some time talking about what makes you happy so that you can go out there and do just that!

45. Good morning, baby! Let’s snuggle up in bed for a little bit before we have to start getting ready for work – I want to make sure that you start off your day right by being loved and appreciated .

46. Hi love, did you sleep well? I know its hard sometimes but today is going to be great — why do I know this? Because it’s not only our first day of work after a couple days off , it’s also because we are spending the whole day together as one big family 😀

47. Good morning, handsome 🙂 I hope you slept well because it is time to get up now! Our vacation is almost over so let’s make the most of our last day together before we have to go back to work by having fun all day long.

48. It has been a while since we just stayed in bed all day with each other huh? Well today is that day where I am going to cook delicious breakfast for my love then afterwards, plan something special for us 🙂 Just stay here and wait for me — don’t leave this room under any circumstances okay?

I will send more good morning messages whenever I make some, until then…be happy! 😀

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