18 Tips How to Forget Something Scary

Do you ever remember a time in your life where something happened and you were really scared? I know I do. But, what if that feeling never goes away? What if it is always there? This blog post will talk about how to forget scary things.

18 Tips Forget Something Scary in Your Mind

Close your eyes and take deep breaths.

When you are really scared, it is hard to think straight and calm down. One way I have found to calm myself down is to sit or lay in a comfortable position and close my eyes for about 3-5 minutes. While I am doing this I focus on breathing and relax any muscles that feel tense.

Tell yourself you are safe!

One thing I do when I am scared is to tell myself that everything will be okay and that I am in a safe place. Sometimes this helps me a lot, but others it doesn’t really make much of a difference either way. Keeping it in mind can help me calm down though.

Look at your hands!

This is another thing I do when things are scary. I look at my hands and imagine that they are extremely powerful and have a unique ability to solve problems . If you ever want to see what an extremity of the human body looks like, here you go!

Think about something calming.

As silly as it sounds, I sometimes try to think of the beach or a really nice place with soft grass and warm sunshine. Usually this makes me feel happy and relaxed which can help calm down a little bit if things get scary.

Do something fun!

Another thing that I sometimes do is to do something fun and exciting. For example, I might read a book that I think is really cool or play on my computer . This can help distract me from being scared which can make me feel better.

Have a friend talk to you!

Another thing that helps sometimes is having someone come up and talk to me about what is scary, but in a nice way. For example, if I am scared at night and the lights are off, my mom might come up to me and say Hey! It’s okay. You are just having a nightmare. Or, If you don’t like it you can sleep in our room!. When she says stuff like that it tends to make me feel better .

Realize you are brave!

When I am scared, sometimes I like to think about things that I have done that were really hard but that I was able to do . When I remember all the times in my life when I did something scary but survived and made it out okay, it makes me feel stronger and braver. This makes me feel more confident about whatever I am scared of and makes me less scared.

Have a friend help you!

Last but not least, sometimes just having a friend near you can make you feel better . This might sound silly, but I know that when I am scared it is much easier to not be scared when I have someone to comfort me . It can be really hard to stop being scared sometimes, but just having someone talk to you can really help.

Remind yourself that you are alive!

One of my biggest fears is death, so I try to remember that I am alive right here in this moment and will be for some time. It helps remind me that no matter what happens it won’t last forever. That makes me feel like whatever is happening will be okay and I can deal with it.

Do something active!

Another thing that helps me overcome fear is to do something active like go for a run or shoot some hoops . When I get outside my head and do something physical, it makes me forget about being scared so much . Plus, it makes me feel more confident and stronger which can help me be less scared.

Accept that you are afraid!

Sometimes when I am scared, I try to accept how I feel instead of fighting it so hard . For example, if there is a storm outside and I am really scared, sometimes trying to fight my fear by telling myself I’m not scared! and lying to myself about it doesn’t make me feel any better! Instead, I try telling myself that it is okay to be scared and that I will get through the storm because it will be over soon.

Even though being scared feels really bad sometimes, I think if we remember that we are strong enough to deal with our fears, then we can handle them and get through them .

Talk to someone about what happened

if they remind you of the event, try again with another person. If you’re truly ready, tell someone who wasn’t involved in whatever happened. But talk to them only when you can do it without crying – or at least while holding yourself together.

Doing this will help you understand what happened and why it did so that you won’t be afraid of anything anymore. You might still remember the event that happened and be afraid of things in general, but you will know that they’re not the cause of your fear. And with time it’ll get easier to talk about these memories so as time passes you’ll start to feel less scared.

Think about something happy like your favorite food or TV show

When you are remembering the scary event, think about something that will distract you from these memories. It can be your favorite food or TV show or even a book (if it’s not too hard to read). If you are thinking about something happy while also trying to remember what happened, then you’ll probably find out that all those terrible memories are not as scary as they seemed.

Have someone talk to you about what happened in a nice way.

If you don’t want to tell someone who was involved in whatever scared you, try talking to another person who wasn’t there but will listen and understand. They can remind you that those things aren’t dangerous or terrible. It’ll make you feel safer knowing that nobody is going to hurt you and will lessen your fear of what happened.

Also, try talking to someone who didn’t have anything to do with whatever scared you – they won’t know what happened so it’ll be easier for you to talk about what happened without feeling embarrassed or not wanting to tell them.

For example, if you are scared of something that happened with your parents, try talking to a sibling instead. Or if you’re scared of talking to people in general, try talking to someone who is younger than you or older and doesn’t go to the same school as you.

Try not to think of anything related to what scared you until it’s time for bed.

When you’re trying to go to sleep, try not thinking of anything related to what scared you. That means that if you’re afraid of something outside your house, don’t think about it until after you get into your room. If a scary TV show is on just ignore the fact that it’s scaring you and pay attention to the show. It will be much easier to think about something that doesn’t scare you and then try to go to sleep once you’re in your room instead of when it’s light out and you can see what scares you .

Imagine yourself in a place that is safe and happy.

I know it sounds cheesy, but I do this all the time. When I’m in a bad situation or am scared of something, my mind goes to a happy place. My favorite is thinking about me and my family-maybe we’re eating dinner, going shopping for clothes, or doing something else. Even if you have to make up a whole story in your head, do it. You’ll feel way better than if you’re scared and can’t think of a place to go.

Make sure you’re comfortable before going to sleep.

Make sure your bed is comfortable and that your room is nice to be in. If you have a hard time sleeping because you’re scared, make sure you know what’s making you uncomfortable. Then try to fix it so that you can sleep better without being afraid of anything.

Don’t worry if you have nightmares or flashbacks during the night.

Sometimes while I’m trying to sleep, my mind will go back to something that happened earlier in the day or even a few days before. So your mind might be going back to scary things all throughout the night – this is normal but it doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you. You can get past this and one day you won’t have to be scared anymore.


I hope that these tips help you the next time you are afraid. Remember, you are not alone and there is nothing wrong with being scared! If I am being really honest it helps to just talk to someone about what is scaring me to help calm me down . Without someone to talk to, I would be super scared every day because of problems that might not seem scary at all! Also remember that you are stronger than you think and can do anything.

Finally, thank you for reading my article today. If you have any comments or questions feel free to leave a comment below and I will try to respond. Also, if you liked this article please click one of the share buttons to help spread this information to others who might need it!

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