11 Main Reason What Does It Mean When a Guy Texts You Everyday?

What does it mean when a guy texts you everyday? It can be difficult to decode what the intentions of a guy are when he is texting you every day. Is he interested in you, or just bored and looking for someone to talk to? In this article we break down the different reasons why a guy might text you everyday, so that you can figure out whether they’re worth your time.

Today, technology is used more than in the past. With this increased use, we can communicate with our partners and potential love interests by texting them or sending them messages on a computer. Texting is one type of communication that many people use during the day to keep in contact with their partners or even flirt with potential partners.

Some guys text sparingly, while others text endlessly. Guys who text a lot may be using texting to test the waters or get your attention.

He likes you

If he texts you every day and you have seen him a lot, it’s likely that he likes you. It is a good sign that he wants to start dating with you. If he texts you often, it means that he really enjoys spending time with you and might want to spend more time together doing things.

It could mean that he wants to be friends

There are many reasons why guys text. One reason is that they want to be your friend. But maybe he only wants to talk with you and not have a romantic relationship with you.

If you are not sure about what the person likes or how they feel for you, be cautious. If it’s your desire to take things further and make a move, mistakes could happen quickly and go wrong.

He want make baby with you

Some guys like “something impolite things”, but do not want to date. They use different ways to have more “impolite things” without having relationships with people they meet at parties or on other sites for this purpose. For instance, some guys might text women even though they are not going to meet up with them again that day or week.


If someone texts you a lot, it might mean that they like you back. They want to know that you are also into them because it makes them feel good about themselves and helps confirm their feelings for you. This means they must like at least some things about what’s being shared between both of you.

He is not sure what he wants to do.

When a guy texts you every day for an extended period of time it can be hard to know what they want. They may not want to ask you out due to being uncertain about their feelings, yet they don’t want to lose your attention so will text constantly. The end result is that nothing changes in the relationship as it becomes one where both parties.

He likes when people around him.

When people like to feel wanted, they might text someone a lot. If you respond to them even when it’s not in person or through texting, they’ll know that every day without you makes them felt this way.

There’s usually an underlying motive at hand. Maybe he missed seeing you on the weekend, needs to talk about something important but is too scared and wants somebody to listen for support or is feeling lonely so wants someone with whom to connect.

He needs something from you.

Some guys keep a list of girls that they can text, email or call. They don’t want to get too involved with any of them. They just like knowing that they’re there if he wants. Some guys might text you every day, but you never know who else he is texting.

Some people might text to make themselves feel good by telling their friends about all the girls they talk to. It could be that I am just a toy to him and that when I say yes to going out with him again and again, it is another way for him to win.

He is feeling lonely.

It’s okay to text people sometimes. Sometimes they just want someone to talk to, or they like talking to you. They may not have any other motive for messaging, other than wanting company from time-to-time. If you do not want more than a friend, then you should not text with this person. If you are interested in more than just chatting, let him know. If you don’t want to torture yourself and let feelings develop for someone who does not like you that way, tell him before emotions get too strong.

He is hoping to spend more time with you.

A guy that texts you constantly might want to spend time with you. He wants something from you, or he is unable to get your attention in person and this is the only way for him to do so. It could also be because they are hoping that texting will lead into dating and more than just friendship.

He likes being around people.

Some guys might text a girl because they want to spend more time with her or just want company. Maybe he missed seeing you on the weekend and wants to make sure that you are okay at work so texts constantly during the weekdays, but would not have been able to stop by in person if it wasn’t too busy at his workplace.

He probably has a crush on you

Guys are known to hide their feelings and what they like about you with text messages. So if the guy texts every day, it may be a sign that he is interested in texting more often than just an average conversation partner or because his emotions run deep for this girl. He could also use emojis as flirtation tactics when trying to impress her but things can go sour quickly if she doesn’t respond back immediately, which might make him feel rejected from her attention

The way guys communicate through text message has changed over time. They don’t always want us girls knowing how much we mean to them so communicating via phone calls isn’t common practice either now days unless it’s face-to-face communication at first sight contact

If a guy texts you everyday, it could mean he has a crush on you. If this happens, remember that it could be good or bad because if the feeling is returned then it is good, but not so great if he likes you and ya don’t like him back. It can be hard to understand how someone feels about you through texting messages because there are no facial expressions or other cues sent with the message

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